Being a Cop

The recent KPK vs POLRI spat brought a lot of hate for Indonesian cops. The fact that they have yet to release that smokin hot model that hit one of them also doesn’t endear them to many a red blooded males among us (I kid…you know that right?) So I thought I’d interject some perspective here for a change, just in case you bleeding hearts need a wake up call.

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Welcome to Jakarta, Mr. Widodo. You best harden up.

Hi Mr. Widodo,

So, you won the election huh? Let me, as one of your voters, offer my heartfelt congratulations to you. Here’s hoping that you can actually do something to fix this rotting carcass of a city. That being said, I endeavour to keep this letter light and apolitical. You know. To set the right mood.

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Occupy Wall Street? Try Occupying Your Minds First.

So the past several days, an organization naming themselves the U.S. Day of Rage (akin to the Middle Eastern movement of the same name) managed to organize themselves and several hundred of them camped out at Wall St. to demand an end to an unjust economic system, free market economy, global warming, clubbing baby seals, and whatever it is the privileged middle class feels disturbing their free thinking lifestyle. The movement was called ‘Occupy Wall St.’ and by and large they managed to do just that.

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