Rise of the Guardians reminds you what it was like to be children


Remember what it was like when you were children? How everything was wonderous, wonderful and fun? How we play make believe, completely in our heads, about fantastical creatures and super heroes? This is what Rise of the Guardians is. It’s an old school fairy tale crossing over with super heroes that remind you that, you know, being kids are actually okay.

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Being a Cop

The recent KPK vs POLRI spat brought a lot of hate for Indonesian cops. The fact that they have yet to release that smokin hot model that hit one of them also doesn’t endear them to many a red blooded males among us (I kid…you know that right?) So I thought I’d interject some perspective here for a change, just in case you bleeding hearts need a wake up call.

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There was a killer in the woods…and the woods went ‘meh’

When the premier of Joko Anwar’s latest thriller ‘Modus Anomali’ was over, the Indonesian twitter sphere exploded with exclamations of praise. Famous online personalities stumbled all over themselves to heap accolades on the new movie. The word ‘mindfuck’ was thrown about with gusto, like Indonesian politicians liberally use ‘kerakyatan’.

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