Why Arabs Lose Wars

Syria has always been one of the stronger Arab states. Its army faced off against Israel in the Golan heights – and despite losing, learned a lot of operational knowledge there. They are also experienced in operating in Lebanon via their Hezbollah proxies.

It has, therefore, become perplexing that such a strong, well equipped, (relatively) well trained army is being pushed back so hard by a decentralized, mostly poorly equipped and unprofessional insurgency. Despite the fact that foreign jihadists have appeared on the scene, and that neighboring Arab states are providing arms and material aid, it seems unlikely that these can make that much difference if manned by poor quality troops.

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Rise of the Guardians reminds you what it was like to be children


Remember what it was like when you were children? How everything was wonderous, wonderful and fun? How we play make believe, completely in our heads, about fantastical creatures and super heroes? This is what Rise of the Guardians is. It’s an old school fairy tale crossing over with super heroes that remind you that, you know, being kids are actually okay.

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