Welcome to the new Newspeak Jakarta page.

Since Twitter decided to close Posterous, I’ve decided to migrate the old Crimethink posts here; you will find many of the old, familiar posts as well as new contents that will henceforth be posted here.

As you will no doubt discover, I tend to write about whatever I feel like writing here. I am, however, in the middle of reorganizing my blogs to help you, readers, find the sections you like the most. So please be patient as the layout of this blog may change from time to time. I do write on a variety of different topics although you will find that most of the articles will center on social and/or political as well as security issues.

I urge you to post your comments here or at the posts as this blog was written in search of dialectics and a free exchange of information. I feel that this is crucial as there is a rising tendency in Indonesia in which debate is frowned upon, and conflicting opinions are considered taboo. Quite frankly this comes from both the right, with their religious intolerance, and the left with their ‘progressive’ ideas. Honestly I find this disgusting.

So please. Leave a comment, invite me to your blogs, invite me for coffee..let’s have different views on things.

Enjoy reading!